To Teach Ten Thousand Things, Teach One Well

The great Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi once said, “To know ten thousand things, know one well.” It reflects the mindset that when someone has studied, understood, and achieved a high level of proficiency in one thing, it becomes easy to grasp the essence of many other things.

The one thing I know well is TEACHING. Born in a family of teachers and started teaching at the age of 21, my journey has been one of an eternal student and teacher. A seeker of knowledge of all kinds, whenever something interests me I dedicate myself entirely to its study to get a deeper understanding of it.

Eventually, my path crosses that of people who are seeking for a teacher in a particular field I happened to be knowledgeable about. It is said that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” In my case, the student often appears when I am ready to teach.

The writings on this website are another expressions of my teachings, imbued with the knowledge I acquired over close to 15 years of practice and teaching experience in different fields. I write insightfully and critically about topics I am very knowledgeable about, not to sell you a product or a service but instead to make you leave this website a bit more knowledgeable than when you arrived.

My Writings



Freediving blog articles to turn you into a better informed and knowledgeable freediver.



Wellness blog articles to turn you into a better informed and knowledgeable wellness practitioner.



Blog articles about the different countries I have traveled to, containing practical knowledge and to do lists.


Eating My Wings

A series of blog articles about situations in life when working with limitations had helped me grow.

My Life's Works



Pioneering the development of freediving in Mauritius, India and Zanzibar through PADI freediving courses and specialized freediving training.


Mindfulness Freediving

A practice combining pranayama, yoga philosophy with freediving techniques to teach people how to meditate, and find peace of mind in a breath-hold.

My Web3 projects


Arter heaven

A virtual and blockchain based art incubator offering artists, art curators and art galleries a space in the metaverse where they can exhibit their artwork.



A web3 gaming community helping beginner and hardcore traditional gamers transition into NFT gaming, and help newcomers navigate the metaverse.


Born and raised in Mauritius, cultivated during my travels. I have been teaching and traveling since the age of 21. My first trip was a solo trip to India for 5 weeks that forever changed my life.