Life has taught me that happiness is more important than success, that time is more valuable than money, that honor is more worth having than fame, and that it is better to live a short life of freedom than a long life of boredom.

Alexandre Latour

Born and raised in Mauritius, cultivated during my travels. I have been teaching and traveling since the age of 21. My first trip was a solo trip to India for 5 weeks that forever changed my life.

I returned to Mauritius with a different outlook on life and a desire to continue traveling to discover new cultures. For over 8 years I went on to travel the world as a yoga teacher.

Later on I took a break of 4 years from teaching yoga to train in freediving. I became the first Mauritian PADI Freediver instructor and pioneered the discipline in Mauritius and more recently in India and Zanzibar.

I started getting involved with crypto and blockchain at the beginning of the pandemic. Circumstances allowing for much time at hand, I devoured every bit of information (pun intended) I could find about this field. I started as a casual investor and occasional trader and later started to get more involved with NFTs, the metaverse and Web3.

When I’m not teaching yoga or freediving, you will find me at my computer designing photo-realistic art galleries for the metaverse or hanging out in Discord servers.