The Top Thing To Do In Zanzibar That Nobody Else Is Doing

So, you’ve got your swimsuit, your sunscreen, and your sense of adventure packed and ready to go. You’ve done your research online and already bookmarked the top things to do in Zanzibar. 

But wait, there’s a new marine adventure on the horizon or under the horizon more precisely that does not involve mass tourism or chasing dolphins, and that no other articles talk about in their top or best things to do in Zanzibar list. We are talking about learning freediving in Zanzibar. 

If you’re seeking an adventure that takes you beyond the ordinary and allows you to connect with the underwater world in an unparalleled and respectful to the nature way, look no further than learning freediving the Apnosphere way in Zanzibar.

What Is Freediving?

So, you know how dolphins and whales dive deep into the ocean without any fancy equipment? Well, freediving is kind of like that, but for humans! We take a deep breath, hold it, dive down into the ocean depths, and reap a lot of physical and mental benefits along the way.

In simple terms, freediving, the art of diving on a single breath, is your ticket to a marine adventure like no other in Zanzibar.

What Is Apnosphere?

An individual-oriented approach born from more than 14 years of combined teaching experience in freediving and yoga, fueled with the passion to pioneer what was once an unknown discipline in Mauritius, Apnosphere has now become a freediving platform pioneering the development of freediving in Mauritius, India and more recently in Zanzibar.

To learn freediving at Apnosphere is to adopt freediving as a way of life. It means learning to surpass yourself physically and mentally, and not just ticking boxes to be certified as a freediver. It means learning freediving techniques and skills tailored to your individual abilities and goals, and not just learning generic freediving knowledge. It means being aware of the impacts our freediving can have in and out of the water, and not just freedive for ourselves.

In addition to freediving courses following PADI standards for those interested in international freediving certifications, Apnosphere also offers, for those looking for a specific type of freediving training that a standard freediving course does not cover, its own approach to teaching freediving based on the in-depth knowledge gained by training freedivers individually during more than half a decade.

Why Swim With Dolphins When You Can Become One

Zanzibar, with its azure waters and vibrant marine life, is the perfect classroom for an underwater journey. One of the top (though ethically questionable) marine attractions to do in Zanzibar is swimming with dolphins.

But why merely swim with dolphins in Zanzibar when you can embark on a transformative and more respectful journey (Apnosphere does not promote freediving trips involving marine life) where you will learn not only the techniques of breath-holding and freediving but also the profound connection between humans and the sea?

Zanzibar awaits – discover the art of freediving during your stay on the island, and who knows, you might just find yourself speaking in dolphin clicks by the end of your journey! 

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